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Online Banking - Get started

You need to have BankID
As of October 19 you need to be legitimized with a passport and create/activate BankID to access our Online Banking. You can choose between login with a security token, or BankID on your mobile. If you are not legitimized with a passport, please download the form on the right side and follow the instructions.

How to activate your BankID
If you do not have BankID registered at Sandnes Sparebank, you need to activate it to access our Online Banking.

1. From the login page, choose login with a security token and enter your social security number and click the "Logg inn" button.
2. On the next page; press the Start-button to begin your activation process.

3. Choose "Send meg passord på SMS" and enter the code from your security token. You will now receive a temporary password on you mobile.

4. Enter your temporary password, accept the terms, and press "Neste".

5. Your BankID is now activated and you can access our Online Banking. Beware: it can take a couple of minutes until everything is registered.

How to access your accounts
Our new Online Banking separates between afreements. All accounts are connected to a person or a company, but you can access others accounts by changing agreements. When you want to pay a bill, you can only do this from the accounts in the current agreement. You can switch between agreements in the top right corner by clicking "Bytt avtale".

Mobile banking - Get started

Start using our Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is available on Iphone and Andorid and can be downloaded for free in AppStore or GooglePlay. Search for Sandnes Sparebank. If you are already an user, you can simply upgrade the app from the 19th of October. You need to activate the Mobile Banking with your BankID.

How to activate your Mobile Banking

1. Choose "Aktiver" on the screen.

2. Activate your Mobile Banking with your BankID.

3. Choose the user with your name and click "Legg til". You can activate additional users later.

Illustrasjon - aktiver avtale

4. Choose a 4 digit PIN :

5. Sign the agreement with your BankID. You can now log on by using BankID on mobile or the 4 digit PIN.

How to pay a bill using Mobile Banking

1. Choose "Betaling" in the menu.

2. Enter information and press "Betal". If you want to pay more than one bill, choose "Godkjenn". Then you can approve all bills in one opertion.

3. Approve the payment by using BankID on mobile or the 4 digit PIN. If you choose PIN, you will have to confirm the payment with a one time passcode sent to your screen. You will first have to enter you PIN, then the one time passcode.